Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is the art director and owner of his own Brooklyn-based production studio, Somos Arte. With over 16 years of experience, Edgardo has delivered exemplary in graphic design for web and print for such clients as Columbia University and Atlantic Records. Under the leadership of our Art Director Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez our studio provides web design and development, branding, key artwork and produces advertorials for such brands as CoverGirl, Olay, Pantene. In addition, Edgardo is a curator of art shows having already designed two original art exhibitions based on Marvel comics and is a graphic novel producer having already produced two critically acclaimed books under the Darryl Makes Comics imprint which he co-own with Darryl DMC McDaniels (Run DMC). He is also a writer for Marvel Comics and the creator and author of La Borinqueña.

Many special events need a particular identity to help them stand out and resonate with their audience. Creating a unique brand extends itself to a successful campaign. Logo design, fonts and color palettes are all key to an impactful brand.

We have extensive experience ranging from designing smaller sites to large content driven websites. We can outfit your project's website with a small content management system (CMS) or a fully integrated Drupal system depending on the size of your project.

Our full range of production services can provide you with the quality video you are looking for. We can shoot, edit and provide animated graphic design that  compliments your project. Our crew can come to you or we can book a location. With a roster of talented artists we can provide you with everything from voiceover talent to copywriters for your viral, behind the scene, event, documentary or narrative work.

With a full production crew led by our art director, Studio Edgardo can produce a graphic novel for you. As art director, Edgardo can guide the complete production of your graphic novel from concept to fully printed books.
Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez’s first comic book was Spidey Super Stories #17 – adorned with a John Romita, Sr. cover commemorating the bicentennial with a Spider Man/Captain America team-up – and he’s been hooked ever since. Even as he’s founded his own studios Somos Arte and Studio Edgardo, worked on campaigns for notable brands including Olay, Pantene, COVERGIRL, and Fruit of the Loom, nonprofits such as El Puente, Downtown Urban Theater Festival and ASPIRA of
New York
, and prestigious institutions like Columbia University, comic books have been a constant in his life. 
“We didn’t have the money to go downtown to see art shows in museums and galleries,” he says, “so I collected cans and bottles to make enough money to buy my comic books. I’d take them home, study the line art, then tried to recreate the pieces myself and expand upon them with my own unique renditions.” 
In his early 20s, Edgardo was sought out to be the Artistic Director of Palante Siempre Palante, part of PBS’ acclaimed POV Documentary Series...
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